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Martin Blackham reading an e-mail response on In The Last Days TV Programme
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Recent Comments:

"Fascinating interview. Wonderful guest (Shadi Khalloul)" PP from USA
"I watched your programme this morning with David Nekrutman. It was fascinating and very helpful----thank you".
SS from England
"Thank you for an interesting programme with David Rubin" BT from England
"May I say how encouraged I am by your programme and all you are doing to raise the
profile of the position of Israel and the Jewish people" RE from England
"Outstanding interview (with Rabbi Yehuda Glick) keep up the good work" LP from USA
"You produce very interesting and enjoyable programmes". DH from Cyprus
"Greetings from the UK. Thank you for a very interesting TV programme on Israel. It gives a different perspective and adds greatly to other information"  JB from England
"Your programmes are so informative, thank you so much" JC from England

"We often watch your programme and enjoy the focus on Israel and the Jewish People. The secular press is so unreliable and biased against Israel so its great to watch a programme which gives a truthful report on Israel. I've been watching the programme with David Nekrutman and found it so interesting and informative. I'm looking forward to seeing David again on your excellent programme". KB & MB from England. 
"We've just watched your first programme with David Nekrutman. It was amazing"
CB & RB from England.

"We listen to your programme every week but tonight I was totally spell bound by your interview with David Nekrutman, the Orthodox Jew. Thank you for these programmes ... they are exceptional."
HL from England. 
"Great interview so good to hear the Truth" (Richard Landes Interview) BW & SW from England
"Really enjoyed the programme. Thank You!" SB-D from England
"I loved the recent Interview with Katharine Van Der Beek" JW from USA
"Thank you for the very interesting guest (Katharine Van Der Beek) on your last programme
PFW from England
"Thank you for the very interesting interview with Katharine Van Der Beek last night on TV. It was special and helpful for further research". TO & NO from Scotland
"I enjoy watching your programmes" CE from England
"I have been watching your television shows and have found them very interesting"
Mrs. Yarwood, UK.
"I am writing to say how much I appreciate your programme which I watch in the UK. It is so very refreshing to get the correct version of what is happening in Jerusalem unlike the other one-sided media offerings fed to those who watch news" DJ from England
"Just like to say how informative the programme In The Last Days was" MJ from England
"Each time we watch you, it feels like you are in our lounge talking with us" CC from Australia
"Thank you for the great programme with Rabbi Dov Lipman" MK from England
"I have been watching your programme here in Cameroon and I have really enjoyed the programme" 
NL from Cameroon, Africa
"We have just been watching on TV your programme. It was very interesting"
LF & AF from Scotland.
"excellent!" PE from North Wales

"Thanks for your programme"
DR from England
"Hello. I was channel hopping, as usual being bored by tv and came across yourselves. I was absolutely glued to the tv" AK from England
"When I see you on TV I always look forward to what I'm going to learn and be informed about"
CJ from England
"Earlier today I watched your programme with the head of MDA and found it very interesting & informative" 
PG from England
"Thank you so much for the programme" RV from England

"Your programme was wonderful" BH from Ireland
"I found your programme on SKY TV and I am happy to learn more about Israel" LH from England
"Thank you so much for your great tv programme" KT from England
"I appreciate what you are doing and how you work so closely with the people in Israel to promote the truth for us all here in the UK" JH from England
"I really love and enjoy your tv programmes" KA from England
"You had an excellent show tonight" MM from England 
"I saw an interview you did with Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. It was very good"
JJ from England

"Thank you so much for your programme, which I tape and watch since I found it on Satellite TV".
ED from Scotland

"I stumbled across you when going through the channels and found In The Last Days TV Programme. It was so different" AN from England
"I watched part of your programme on Hebron and though I missed much of the programme I nevertheless found the part that I watched very educative and historically very challenging"
JC from Zambia, Africa.
"Thank you for the programmes" AO from Scotland   "Just love your guests" AF from England
"I have just watched your fab programme" WT from England 
"Thank you for your broadcasts" JB from England
"I saw you interviewing Bobby Brown in Tekoa, Israel. It was such an interesting programme. I learnt a lot" 
SS from England
"Have just watched in England the programme, it was excellent and I am better informed as to how to help the return of His people, thank you" GCB from England
"Last Sunday I listened to your programme and was very impressed by it" DW from England
"I saw you today on TV interviewing Anne Ayalon. Fantastic ... keep up the good work"
MM from Ireland
"We were very moved by your programme with Norman Feingold"  D & JW from England
"We have just watched your programme with Ari Abramowitz from the Tuesday Night Live from Jerusalem TV Show. It was amazing! He has such insight. Can't wait for the next interview".
CB & RB from England


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