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Nathalie Blackham's Introduction to The Hebrew Letters

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Let Nathalie Blackham introduce you to the 22 letters of the alefbet, the Hebrew alphabet. The letters have a shape and a personality. They have their own place in the alefbet and they also carry their own spirituality! They are precious and all have a role to play in displaying G-d's greatness. Remember that Letter (otiot) in Hebrew means: sign and wonder, every letter is a sign and a wonder.

      Aleph             ALEPH                One             Thousand Master


           Bet                          BET                   Two                     House


           Gimmel                     GIMMEL              Three                   Camel


      Daled             DALED                Four                     Door


          Hey                            HEY                  Five                    Window


      Vav               VAV                   Six                       Hook


      Zayin             ZAYIN               Seven                   Sword 


     Chet               CHET                 Eight                      Life


     Tet                TET                   Nine                      Good


     Yud                YUD                   Ten                       Hand


     Kaf                KAF                 Twenty                    Palm


     Lamed             LAMED                Thirty                   Teacher


           Mem                         MEM                   Forty                    Water


      Nun              NUN                    Fifty                      Fish


      Samech            SAMECH                Sixty                   Support


           Ayin                         AYIN                 Seventy                   Eye


      Peh               PEH                   Eighty                   Mouth


          Tsadi                         TSADI                 Ninety             Righteous One


     Kof                KOF                  Hundred               Holy One 


     Resh               RESH             Two Hundred         Wicked One


     Shin              SHIN             Three Hundred            Teeth


          Tav                         TAV               Four Hundred          Seal - Sign


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