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'The Beauty of The Hebrew Language' by Nathalie Blackham
 "The Beauty of The Hebrew Language"
The Hebrew Letters and Their Meanings.
"This read will surely wet your appetite for more of Hebrew" Christine Darg, Exploits Ministry
"In This book our friend Nathalie Blackham takes us on an exciting journey as she shares the spiritual secrets and rich insights G-d has shown her from the Hebrew Language" Lars & Harriet Enarson Founders of The Watchman International
Price: £13.99 / $22.65 
Includes Shipping & Handling
Dutch Translation Now Available!
Now Translated in Dutch!


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Nehemia Gordon
Next Episode on Revelation TV
         10.00am Wednesday 4th May 2016          
d April       
Nathalie Blackham speaks with Nehemiah Gordon, who is originally from the United States And Is An Expert In The Hebrew Bible, Translator of The Dead Sea Scrolls and Author. Nehemiah talks about the Tomb of The Maccabees and the Treasures of The Temple Including The Intricate Pattern of The Multi-Paved Floor. He also talks about the miracle of The Jewish People Returning To Israel In Our Day. For more information about Nehemiah Gordon visit: http://www.nehemiaswall.com/ 
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